Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

Montag, 28. Juni 2010

What a great summer! Yr haf - mor braf

This year has been one of the best summers in Wales I can think of during the last ten years or so.

I try to enjoy it as much as I can.

Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

Llyn Barfog / Bearded Lake

Sut mae!?!!

Anyone been here? Walked to to Bearded Lake a few times - and yesterday had lunch here. Lovely weather in mid-Wales right now.

Finishing reading the novel Caersaint by Angharad Price today.

I am also enjoying the World Cup! Brilliant.

Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010

Holidays soon!

Looking forward to going to the continent soon - and to the World Cup 2010.