Montag, 23. August 2010

August 2010 (as dark as always in Wales in August)

Been back from the continent exactly 5 weeks now. I can hardly believe it!

When we landed in Birmingham, the sun was still shining, and it was so very nice. Then the closer we came to Wales, the darker it got. Frightening! - I got this awful feeling around the chest. No, I did not want to think about the rain then.

We heard from friends that it had been raining all the time since we have been away. So now it would have rained in Wales for almost 8 weeks. Okay, you had the odd nice day but never really nice. It never felt like summer. The darkness, the wetness, the damp.

You need to have been born here I guess to cope with all this. I cannot. Oh, how I miss the summer nights, drinking prosecco with friends, talking 'til one o'clock in the morning or longer.
Welsh summers are not for me. I want to hear the crickets chirping again - for many evenings every year.
I love breakfasts outside.

I have missed so much for long enough now.

A change is soon to come.....

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Keeping fit

I have been running now for almost a year - continously!

In the rain mainly - but in any type of temperatures, too :-).

I am now addicted to it, in a positive way.

Our house still has not been sold but it will soon now. I am confident. We were just unlucky with the world recession and so on. It does not matter.
It is personal happiness that counts; and that is 100% happy.

Today the sun has got his hat on. I will do another run - and am looking forward to everything!! Been working so hard, really. I do not have much time for blogging and stuff but I will keep this going.

2010 - it was a great summer: the evening (so hot and nice) along the Rhine, in Düsseldorf and more.

Ta ta tan toc XXXX