Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Keeping fit

I have been running now for almost a year - continously!

In the rain mainly - but in any type of temperatures, too :-).

I am now addicted to it, in a positive way.

Our house still has not been sold but it will soon now. I am confident. We were just unlucky with the world recession and so on. It does not matter.
It is personal happiness that counts; and that is 100% happy.

Today the sun has got his hat on. I will do another run - and am looking forward to everything!! Been working so hard, really. I do not have much time for blogging and stuff but I will keep this going.

2010 - it was a great summer: the evening (so hot and nice) along the Rhine, in Düsseldorf and more.

Ta ta tan toc XXXX

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