Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Stormy and rainy - slowly getting into the Christmas spirit in Wales again

What weather we are facing in Wales at the moment! It is noticeably getting colder. It is December soon after all! As usual, there is a lot of rain but last night it was very heavy. I did not sleep well. Such a downpour! Then the wind that has been going with it.
Yesterday it was so dark all day!
I am looking forward to go to a spa during the winter holidays.

Later, I will do my run whatever the weather.

I will take it easy again this year Christmas time. I like Cardiff at this time of the year. It is a nice atmosphere in the Welsh city, also in Sain Ffagan, the museum.

In rural Wales, Christmas time is a bit dull, I find. We used to go to Shrewsbury for Christmas shopping, and a friend Anja has asked me to come to the German Christmas market in Birmingham. I have an invite to go to Leicester, too.

I will have a great December!

I like Only Man Aloud, their new CD. Also, I will listen to some Welsh Christmas music.

I think there is a Welsh Christmas beer? I cannot remember its name. I know the winter beer.
I like a turkey in a roll - with cranberry. As a roast, I find turkey is a bit dry. In Germany we eat goose for Christmas. I like sherry, whiskey and I will buy some mulled wine at Harry Tuffins.

Sad to read about the poor nursing and poor healthcare in Wales in the papers all the time. Very sad - but what can I do? Nothing.

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