Mittwoch, 25. November 2009

Thinking about Welsh blogs and reading some posts

I am starting with Banksy's Blog, this post:, next Blog Menai: ah, I wrote a comment but the owner needs to approve first (it is like a censorship which I think is wrong especially for a political blog). Not sure if I will come back to this blog.
Looking at "Daflog" now by Dafydd Tomos - oh, he mentions Yr Almaen. It is very interesting. Some Germans were using Google Translate and it obviously did not work very well. Hey! Do not expect all Germans, especially in their fifties and in the high jobs speaking English that well. It is only this young generation that is quite good at it. I have found the post very interesting but I find it hard to comment so I leave it for today. I cannot "cysylltu" and so whole morning would be gone but I still like the Daflog.
The next post I am reading is about Twitter by AM Peter Black. Ah, it is a Dilbert cartoon. I like Dilbert. I am listening to it on my iPodtouch.

The next post I find interesting is about windsurfing, not politics. I saw some interesting windsurfers on Sunday on Aberdyfi Beach. Wow! They were good surfers. The wind was very strong and some managed not to fall down. I do not know which site hosts this blog. It is not blogger or wordpress.

Clecs Cilgwri is a Welsh blog I have never seen so I am excited. Just read that the author of this blog has learnt Welsh.
It is about analog and digital TV. I do not know what all this fuss is about. It is getting on my nerves....Teledu Digidol. In Germany my family and friends have had cable TV for ages and satellite. They never mention analogue or digital. It is a too big thing for my liking in Wales. Yeah, all get digital - and get on with it!
Interesting blog though.

No posts from Dogfael for a while now...I will read more and must write a good blog entry.